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The Millennial Inheritance

I have a confession… I know that CSD is still new and I’ve very clearly been struggling to post as frequently as I would like to. But let me tell you something, okay… I’m actually insanely hard on myself for…

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-Selfishly Accepting Pain-

   Somewhere, in the back of my mind, I’ve always understood that there is a connection between pain and depression. Of-course, you’re probably reading this to yourself and thinking, “Well, yeah… that makes complete sense.” Well, let me tell you…

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What Does Anything Actually Mean?

“Alot of what I believed was a core part of me… was bullshit. So, not just my outter layers were maskings… my entire Self is a masking… Things that may have been true at some point, but haven’t been for a long time, but “I guess I can’t denounce it now”. Things that I’d conditioned myself to say regularly (or in some cases, not say at all.) Things that were conditioned by my environement… family.. friends. Bullies? Exs even? My effing traumas? “

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